Me2 My name is JD McNamara and I'm the founder of Content Aces. My educational background is in writing and I've been employed by Internet marketing companies for the last four years as a web content writer. Over those years I've learned two things about marketing on the Internet: content is paramount and good content is hard to create.

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My goal as a web content writer is to help businesses create great content and get the most out of the dollars they spend online.

The name of the company - Content Aces - comes from my poker background. I enjoy playing poker and am passionate about the strategy, risk and competition of the game! While it's true that I picked Content Aces because I wanted to have some fun branding my company, I also chose the name because I believe the nature of poker and Internet marketing have many similarities.

Like the Internet, the game of poker has drastically changed over the last two decades, and it continues to evolve at a seemingly faster pace with each passing year. There's also a similar misconception of what it takes to be a good poker player as there is about what makes a good Internet marketer.

I always get asked, "So what do you do with pocket aces...just go all-in?" And the truth is it's just not that simple, because what I do with pocket aces - or any other hand for that matter - depends on so many other things. It's entirely situational and there's no one correct answer or solution.

The ability and willingness to adapt - in the moment and to the bigger overall picture - are extremely important skills in both poker and Internet marketing. My success in poker is well-suited to being a web content writer on the constantly changing landscape of the Internet.


The AACES Code is our mantra, maxim, or whatever you want to call the thing that describes you. We use the AACES Code to guide our work, our relationships with clients and each other, the company’s culture, and our place within the Internet marketing industry. It’s a code that we not only apply to our business, but also our lives.


We strive to be open and available with each other, clients and partners. Every inquiry matters and there are no issues too small to address. We also aim to explain what and why we can help clients, and also how our work is going to be effective.


If clients and partners aren’t happy, we’re not happy. It’s that simple. We’re responsible for our work and ensuring that everybody is satisfied, both internally and externally. We also want to be entirely transparent and honest about every aspect of our business and all of our dealings. No secrets, scout’s honour.


We’re committed to providing you with the best service and helping your business maximize its online presence. Your success is our success, and we share in the joy of implemented tactics and strategies that kick ass and get results.


We love our work and have a lot of fun doing it. It’s rewarding to do work that really matters and we get excited about showing other people how to enhance their online presence. The industry moves fast and keeping up with it is an exhilarating challenge.


We call it how we see it. We’re always going to be honest and upfront with expectations and deliverables. We pride ourselves on doing great work and will do our best to help improve your business’ online presence as much as we possibly can.