If you invest in our content diagnostic (which is essentially a website audit) today and decide to continue working with us, we'll count 40% of the original fee towards any other services you require.

Invest in a Content Diagnostic ($499)

Our website audit comes with a one-time fee and no strings attached. We'll give you a fancy report of our findings on your content and even make recommendations for improvement (that we'd be capable and happy to carry out ourselves without any commitment on your part. 


The content diagnostic functions like a website audit for your content. The goal is to assess the quality of your content in terms of readability, SEO, creativity, relevance and overall cohesiveness with your marketing strategy. Additionally, we'll take a look at what your competitors are doing and let you know how your content stacks up.

What You Get

  • A list of three things you're doing right (but can significantly improve) and three things you're lacking (or doing completely wrong)
  • A list of six actionable tips to improve and solve the above issues
  • A fancy report complete with all the data and our custom commentary
  • We'll get on the phone (or meet) with you and walk you through the results of the diagnostic and what they mean for your business


Our website audit process looks at your site and its content from all the angles. We'll read it, run tests, and use our tools, knowledge and expertise to figure out how you can get more out of the dollars you're spending online.